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             SILICON VISION:
Pre-lim Start-Up Business Plan
Executive Summary:
             No Silicon. No Chips.

~ We invented chip tech and exported it overseas for cheaper labor, greater profits, and No environmental regulations.
~ We domestically produce 320K tons and consume 505K tons per year; with only 3% used for chip production.
~ 37% of our needs come from imports. Building a new plant is costly, demanding on a power grid, and environmentally polluting.
~ Our mental, physical, and psychological addiction to chip tech can cripple us with an invasion of Taiwan.
~ Restore National Security by innovating the 50 year old submerged arc furnace to reduce the carbon footprint, stabilize the supply chain, and end shortages.
~ Restore Economic stability by diversifing a new proprietary process across all states and industries to eliminate foreign import dependency and become the world's #1 leader in production.
A) Mission Statement:
~ Build, Test, Patent, Demo, and License to all domestic U.S. companies an advanced full scale proprietary purification process .
B) Vision Statement
~ Incorporate the R&D Start-Up and take a 5 decade step back to the beginning to produce new and better ways to Innovate with an enormous Economic impact on the future of a self sufficent supply chain.
Company Synopsis
    i) Chips Act Grant award
   ii) Incorporate R&D Start-Up
        a) Sam.gov
        b) Dunn & Brad St.
  iii) Site location
  iv) Scale Up Design
   v) Test and Patent
  vi) Demo and License
C) Market Opportunity:
~ As the 4th largest producer with a 37% shortage and sanctions against China and Russia, the top two; the door of economic opportunity for a new proprietary purification process is wide open.
Silicon production by Country
    K-Metric tons/yr
    * 7,000 World
       4,500 China
          600 Russia
          370 India
          320 US - 505/used
Market analysis and strategy
~ With 72% chip producing clusters; West Coast Labor, Environmental regulations, Taxes, and Material costs make chips more expensive.
~ Eastern state companies with tax incentives, lower material and labor costs, no income tax, and less environmental regulations will survive and prosper.
~ Taiwanese Invasion changes everything.
US Semiconductor Clusters:
55% California
9% Texas
5% Arizona
31% other States
72% West Coast(CA, OR, WA)
15% East Coast(NY, NC, MA, CT, MD)
13% Not on a Coast
80% West of Mississippi
20% East of Mississippi
D) Competitive Analysis
~ 50 years ago enviromental regulations, electric consumption, and labor were trivial costs covered by increasing the price per chip by a few pennies. Later 80% of the industry was shipped to Taiwan. Since then National and Economic security have become critical concerns. Yet until now there has been no thought to go back and innovate the purification process of the industry to reduce costs.
Marketing and sales plan
~ License the proprietary process to all domestic U.S. companies to purify their own needs. Competition will lower consumer prices and create jobs.
E) Traction Summary:
~ A proprietary sample will need expensive funding to test both the source sand and the sample for Parts per Trillion impurities.
F) Financial Need
~ SEEK 2 Million Chips Act Grant to Incorporate an R&D Start-Up.


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